More Website Speed,
Less Carbon Emissions

The faster your website loads, the less power it consumes and the lower carbon footprint it emits. Optimizing your site performance helps both the planet and your business.

Green Web

Check Your Website Carbon Footprint

Test your site’s CO2 emissions and get best-practice tips on how to optimize your site and cut down your footprint.

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Find a Green Host - Choose SiteGround

Use a web host that runs on renewable energy and makes your site faster like SiteGround.

Renewable Energy

Data centers make up a big chunk of the overall internet energy consumption.

Our platform runs on the premium Google cloud infrastructure and Google’s data centers match 100% of their consumption with renewable sources, ensuring optimal site speed, high levels of redundancy, and sustainability.

Powerful Caching Enabled

Each site visit demands a lot of computer power and energy consumption.

Websites hosted with SiteGround enjoy both static and dynamic caching, resulting in up to 5x faster sites and taking server processing down to a minimum.

The Latest Technology Stack

The latest technologies ensure the best web performance, security, and energy efficiency.

Whether it’s the newest PHP versions or the most innovative protocols and compression algorithms, we’re always ahead of the curve integrating the latest technologies so that users can have an upper hand on competition.

Block Bad Bot Traffic

Web sites consume energy every time they’re visited, and this includes bots.

With our AI antibot system, we can block up to 2 million brute force attempts per hour on all of our servers. This saves a lot of server resources and prevents hackers from gaining unauthorized access.

Optimized Resources

Optimized servers and technologies use less energy to keep on running.

We’ve made the magic happen with our custom implementation of PHP and MySQL. Your pages will load 30% faster on average, all thanks to optimized high performance web technologies!

SiteGround Cloud CDN

Transmission of data around the world consumes a lot of energy.

The SiteGround CDN offers high-performance content delivery that reduces the distance files travel through networks to reach each user. This means less energy consumption and faster speeds for you!

Optimize Your Site

Activate the SiteGround Optimizer plugin for WordPress to easily optimize environment, media, and front-end.

SiteGround Optimizer Plugin

Optimize Media

Media files take up a large chunk of your website’s data. Optimizations like lazy loading, image compression and adopting next-gen formats such as WebP will reduce the amount of data on your website without compromising its quality. This will result in faster loading time while saving energy!

Optimize Front-end

Optimizing HTML, CSS and JavaScript files, and fonts will significantly decrease loading time by cutting down on file sizes and character use. Making your website faster and more energy efficient is a sure way to make it stand out.

Optimize Environment

Providing a secure website environment with an HTTPS connection, optimizing the backend of your content management system, and performing database cleanups are also crucial to speeding up your website and reducing processing times.

Make Your Content Clear

Reduced browsing time saves energy consumption

Which plan is the best for you?

Improve Your Website SEO

To make sure people find what they need, successful SEO is vital. It helps people discover your content quickly and easily so that you can reduce the time spent browsing - which means less energy consumption!

Write On-point Website Content

Clear, actionable content is the key to ensuring your audience’s understanding and engagement. Making it easy for them to find what they are looking for in your website will reduce the time they spend browsing through your content without finding the answers they need.

Apply Best UX Practices

The user’s journey should be simple and straightforward. There are many ways to do this, but one way is by making sure there aren’t any unnecessary distractions on your site that could cause confusion for visitors or slow them down in their searches.

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